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Your Plumbing services, we offer less than a 60 minute response time to emergency plumbing repairs whenever they occur.

We are a team of Plumbers in Birmingham dedicated to delivering a 24hour plumbing repairs service. Having an excellent database of Emergency Plumbers contributes to our successful coverage of emergency plumbing repairs.

We are experienced in carrying out work on gas-related issues that central heating repairs often require.

The West Midlands is a wide area that we cover. Encompassed within this county is Birmingham, Walsall, West Bromwich, Dudley, Wolverhampton, Stourbridge. We can quickly respond to emergency plumbing repairs in these areas within an hour of the call.

Listed below are plumbing repairs we tackle daily. Toilet repairs, baths taps, showers, boilers repairs, burst pipes and leaks, Local emergency plumbers we cover areas within the west midlands such as Birmingham, Dudley, Walsall, West Bromwich, Wolverhampton, Solihull, Sutton Coldfield.

Business Services

Gas Safety Check in Birmingham

From £0.00

A gas safety checks in Birmingham some people also refer to this type of gas check as a landlord safety certificate, which should carry out every 12 months on rented properties.

They are to ensure that all gas installation are in good working order and will not constitute any danger to those persons who live or stay in rented accommodation.

Boiler Repair

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A boiler can become problematic for several reasons. Ranging from over pressurisation leading to leakage or a faulty component. Emergency boiler repair in Birmingham is something our business focuses on. whenever fast feedback is required we can fulfil all your requirements.

An interruption to a necessity namely hot water or central heating. Would be regarded as a job requiring immediate attention. We specialise in repairs of this sort. With our skills, we can restore the functionality of your boiler. Having encountered a wide range of problems that cause a boiler break down. This experience Empowers us to deliver an excellent service.

Emergency Toilet Repair

Situations that occur that interrupt the correct functionality of a toilet can usually be resolved on the first visit. An emergency toilet repair usually falls into one of these three category’s blockage, leaks or mechanical failure. The urgency of a repair can often be escalated whenever a property only as one toilet.

We have years of experience in solving a wide range of toilet issues. with a common consensus across the board of a positive result. Toilets are quite simple in design they are fitted with a small number of internal parts. There may be slight variations between each part depending on the model, however, we are quite accustomed to this that's why we stock parts and fitting accordingly.

After years of repeatedly doing toilet repairs case study as given us an insight into what replacement parts work best. Delivering the best results for the customer comes high on our list. Our primary aim is to carry out a successful repair giving the customer complete closure. This is a strategy we put in place is to eliminate wasting time on revisits in order make further adjustments.

Emergency Shower Installation

Because there is such a wide variety of showers on the market a prognosis that incubuses all showers into one category would be impossible. However quite often a leaking or malfunctioning shower is a good indication that it is time for a replacement. An emergency shower installation is usually a follow-up visit to an already diagnosed faulty unit, during the second visit is when the new shower is in installing.
Emergency Plumbers

Emergency plumbers services are specialist this means being available 24 hours a day seven days week including holidays. This service can very useful for those that find themselves faced with an emergency and have no experience in dealing with plumbing repairs. Our Emergency Plumbers are here to help, so why not take advantage of our emergency service. Our expertise in the plumbing repairs gives us a good idea of what to expect just from a phone call before attending an emergency.

A list of the basic procedures to follow when faced with a plumbing emergency are listed on this website in one of our posts, but if the situation is something which requires a professional plumber then our team is more than happy to offer our services to help resolve any plumbing or gas rated issue.


Stacey Farmer
21 Jan, 2020

This man is a star my landlord would not send anyone out to fix two leaks underneath the bath. He's very quick helpful and the very nice person would deffenatley recommend will be using him in future needs thank you for helping.

Deborah Harvey
21 Jan, 2020

This man is a true angel! He was prompt, reliable, went above the call of duty fixed both taps even though I only asked for one to be done. And the price was just so reasonable. I will recommend to all my friends as everyone knows good plumbers are worth their weight in gold.

Denys Daly
21 Jan, 2021

Excellent service... my toilet was leaking, Michael came out within a couple of hours stopped the leak.. due to the toilet being 3 decades old it needed replacing... Michael came back out a couple of days later and replaced it.. would highly recommend.

Sandra Ball
20 Apr, 2021

Efficient reasonable price Micheal was a lovely guy talked me through the work he did very tidy and friendly guy will definitely use again highly recommended.

Andrew Webster
20 Apr, 2021

Very good service came out within the hour and fixed my problem... nice chap too.

Gurdeep Singh
09 Aug, 2021

Amazing service, called them out as our pipe burst and was leaking for hours. He answered the call straight away and was there in 5minutes. Great prices for a top-quality job.

Fartun Ibra
27 Apr, 2022

He did a good job. Excellent work, timely, polite. I couldn’t ask for more, would definitely use (Your Plumbing services) again. Highly recommended.

Emeka Skerritt
27 Apr, 2022

He did a good job. Excellent work, timely, polite. I couldn’t ask for more, would definitely use (Your Plumbing services) again. Highly recommended. In all my years of taking on trades people I feel extremely lucky to have met a man that takes immense pride in his work. Michael takes his plumbing personally with his sole aim to ensure his customers are happy with his work. Michael lives by his word which makes him very reliable. Michael's work is of a high standard resulting in quality craftsmanship. There's not a problem Michael does not have a solution for which I can not recommend Michael enough.


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Lead pipe repair

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We offer a wide range of shower repair services and these images showcase that diversity.

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