Dolphin Dispensers

Bell-Chem Products Co, the owners of the Dolphin Dispensers brand, was formed in the UK in 1999 as a company focused on the manufacture and distribution of dispensers for the washroom. Now, with 14 years experience in the washroom business and with constant and steady growth to the multimillion pound business it is today, Bell-Chem offers an unrivalled range of washroom fittings to fit any budget including, not only dispensers, but also hot air hand dryers, nappy change units, taps, and flush valves.

As confirmed by a recent survey of our customers, with over 90% giving us an 'outstanding' rating for our service, Bell-Chem has always believed in giving SHOQS to our customers: Simple Honest On-time Quality Service making our products EASY TO BUY and we believe this is the single biggest contributor to steady growth, even through the recent difficult years.