Creative Interiors

Creative Interiors has been supplying high quality fitted kitchens, fitted bathrooms and fitted bedrooms for over 40 years. Maximising space, enhancing desirability, elavating lifestyles - and all the time adding excitement, practicality and value to homes both large and small. Our reputation for excellence has been earned not merely through offering you and your home an inspired selection of kitchen, bathroom and bedroom designs. More influential still has been the fact that we deliver a total service - comprehensive project management from start to finish.

We're responsible for everything and, as the many letters of appreciation we receive testify, it is this assumption of total responsibility that makes Creative Interiors such an attractive proposition to you, our customer. All we really ask is that you sit back, leave all the hard work and hassle to us and, when it is finished, that you relax and enjoy your wonderful new fitted kitchen, fitted bathroom or fitted bedroom.